We are the prodigal!


In The Love of a Father and the Journey of His Prodigal Son, Clapper’s life’s story is a testament of God’s mercy, grace, forgiveness, and freedom—all of which are also extended to you. Regardless of your mistakes, you can begin anew—today.


Miraculously, he survived this calamitous and murky time in his life where he slit relationships, risked his health and freedom, hurt loved ones, dented lives and livelihoods, and suffered from addiction. For years, he wrestled with, and was tormented by, the belief that he will never be forgiven or given the opportunity to make amends—until he obliged an unlikely request from an unlikely requestor.

The Love of a Father

and the Journey of His Prodigal Son 

I just want to make God happy and share my journey so others can be free and accept God's forgiveness as I have."  

Racquel Piper

I’ve read the Prodigal Son story all of my life but it never really resonated with me until after meeting Marcus and reading his book; “The Love of a Father”.  

Eli Blyden Sr.